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VTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe

Your Disney hotel never been so easily accessible



VTC Disney Hotel Santa FeVTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe




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VTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe

Do not take the shuttle, take your own private chauffeur service Waiting Panel Disney Sequoia Lodge!




VTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe, a hotel to give you warm, even in winter!


Based on the Mexican atmosphere, warm colors and happy that bathes the h otel Disney Hotel Santa Fe will your heart warmer, winter, summer, family or friends.


Located just 20 minutes from Disneyland park, enjoy a wonderful hotel that will remind you of the desert atmosphere of Disney cartoons from your childhood.



Disneyland Paris, formerly Euro Disney Resort and Disneyland Resort Paris, is a theme park of French 22,30km² located for the most part on the commune of Chessy, just thirty-two km to the east of Paris.


VTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe, your new transportation service, saving you from having to go the distance between your hotel and Disneyland.


The Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio are two parks distinct. The first hosts 40 attractions while the second additional twenty.



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The benefits of VTC are many. Within moments through  VTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe is available with the unique and completely independent system of our agency only VTC. By booking your VTC driver you'll find on board a driver who is a simple man but both require the same to him who will bend over backwards for you.


Our  VTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe are equipped for your needs. Just ask what you would like to board your private vehicle during your trip and to the extent possible, your driver will satisfy you!



VTC Disney Hotel Santa Fe