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Baby seat minibus Disney Hotel Santa Fe

Your Disney hotel never been so easily accessible



Van Siege bebe Disney Hotel Santa FeVan Siege bebe Disney Hotel Santa Fe 


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Van Siege bebe Disney Hotel Santa Fe

Do not take the shuttle, take your own private chauffeur service Waiting Panel Disney Sequoia Lodge!


Baby seat minibus Disney Hotel Santa Fe, a hotel to give you warm, even in winter!


Based on the Mexican atmosphere, warm colors and happy that bathes the Disney Hotel Santa Fe Hotel will your heart warmer, winter, summer, family or friends.


Located just 20 minutes from Disneyland park, enjoy a wonderful hotel that will remind you of the desert atmosphere of Disney cartoons from your childhood.



Disneyland Paris, formerly Euro Disney Resort and Disneyland Resort Paris, is a theme park of French 22,30km² located for the most part on the commune of Chessy, just thirty-two km to the east of Paris.


Baby seat minibus Disney Hotel Santa Fe, your new transportation service, saving you from having to go the distance between your hotel and Disneyland.


A competent driver, an insured training


A full service, trained and competent driver and at the same time extremely pleasant but also extremely cost-effective and inexpensive, possible?

Van Disney's Hotel New York is a TaxiPasCher by groups of people transportation. Tired of your separate groups in three or four different vehicles? Gather in a single vehicle, the Van Disney's Hotel New York!

Well yes, it is possible with  Van Siege bebe Disney Sequoia  Lodge! Your private transportation and indispensable for everyone traveling with your family! 



Van Siege bebe Disney Hotel Cheyenne drivers are trained for your transportation needs from day to day!  

 Each  Van Disneyland Paris  is equipped with what you need for your transportation. 

Your driver ensures your well being can even advise you see the level of attractions to explore in the park!


Van Siege bebe Disney Hotel Santa Fe