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Van Disney Hotel CheyenneVan Disney Hotel Cheyenne


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Van Disney Hotel Cheyenne


Van Disney Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Park at your hotel, a comfortable ride



How it works ?


With a few clicks, make you happy and makes you save having to take a tourist shuttle Disney with all the other passengers in the same time!  Van Disney Cheyenne Hotel offers your own personal shuttle for you and your family! Go ahead and try for yourself!


Disneyland Resort Paris


The Disneyland Park is the famous live house where Mickey Mouse and his friends Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, sinister, Scrooge and all others!

The Cheyenne hotel is one of seven large hotels that make up the park, where visitors young and old, come to rest after a wonderful day of fun through sixty-five attractions available throughout the park! Rediscover the worlds of Aladdin, Hercules, of Mulan or even Ratatouille!



Van Disney Hotel Cheyenne, vehicles equipped for your transportation needs. Get on board, our drivers take you to your beautiful hotel to the entrance of the wonderful world of Disneyland!


Come and discover the Disneyland Park! Booking your Van Disney Hotel Cheyenne is done in just a few moments through our simulator designed for your convenience and understanding of the service. Thus, in just a few clicks and a few filled boxes, you go directly to the creation of your account  TaxiPasCher  which allows you to make your next shopping without having to re-enter all your information.


Each vehicle can accommodate up to eight people and carry up to five suitcases or luggage without posing any problems. Do you have small children or babies who come with you? During booking, simply let us clarify that we took into account quickly. Your reservation is done in a wink and your transportation is already underway!