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Minibus Taxi Versailles, a service for all places of interest nearby

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Minibus Taxi Versailles



Discover the monuments and sites of Versailles


You are passing over Versailles and need a driver or private taxi? You want to visit the city or only be filed near a landmark view at a specific address? Your Minibus Taxi driver Versailles can do all this and advise you of places to visit, see you deposit if you wish! Discover the Château de Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors, the Petit Trianon, Grand Trianon, the Gardens of Versailles, the Musée Lambinet, the Montansier Theatre, the Chapel of Versailles, the Versailles Cathedral, Ssaint-Quentin -in-Yvelines, near Versailles, the cemetery Gonards the Parc de Saint-Cloud, the King's Apartments, the National Gold, the castle of Saint-Cloud or the Étang de Saint-Quentin!



Minibus Taxi Versailles, an undeniable quality of the service, board our minibus taxi Versailles


Our drivers trained for your transportation are able to easily dodge traffic jams and various traffic problems, with their knowledge and experience of the road, experience and know how to get you quickly and without question all in a optimal comfort so that you can see the transportation of private persons from a new angle. Our strength? This is not the exceptional comfort of our vehicle nor the handling and the experience of our drivers, the tariff rises from only 15 euros for your race! Enjoy your transportation Minibus Taxi Versailles without waiting today by booking your private and personal driver via our simulator!



Minibus Taxi Versailles

Your private chauffeur  Minibus Taxi Versailles   puts everything at your disposal so you can enjoy a pleasant carriage on our secure Versailles Minibus Taxi vehicles but mostly handpicked!