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Minibus Taxi Paris

Minibus Taxi Paris, transport quality, for your new partner

Discover without waiting for the new service transporting private  Minibus Taxi Paris

A chauffeur private, secure vehicle and transportation in absolute comfort

Your private driver today, in an instant available


Minibus Taxi Paris


Minibus Taxi Paris, vehicles equipped for your needs and greater efficiency for your trips and transfers


Our Minibus Taxi Paris  are tailored to your needs in terms of equipment and comfort! You need a baby seat or other equipment for your trip? Just contact us by phone to warn us of any additional need.

 Minibus Taxi Paris



The Minibus Taxi Paris await you for your transportation or charged groups!


Your train is late or early? No worries, our drivers follow the evolution of your vehicle to its Live arrival to know the expected time.  

Try the experience Minibus Taxi Paris today! 


In case of delay or advance, no additional fees will be charged, we will not make you pay late SNCF anyway! In addition, the  Minibus Taxi Paris  allow you to not having to rent several  taxis  or  VTC  for group transportation needs or simply for your transportation charge! With room to easily sit 8 people and a place to bring 15 suitcases, never run out of space for your trip! Enjoy a pleasant transportation with our drivers Minibus Taxi  Paris!




Dedicated and attentive drivers, more delay, more likely!


Discover Minibus Taxi Paris today


People of Paris, Versailles, Cergy, Etampes, Melun, Meau, Orsay, Evry, Dammaries-les-Lys, Montereau-Fault-Yonne, Provins, Coulommiers, Meau, Chessy, or even further, for example e Dreux, Evreux Vernon, Rouen, Clermont, Compiègne, Chartres ... Discover without waiting for your new partner for all your transport Île-de-France and around. 


Minibus Taxi Paris