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Minibus Disney Newport Bay ClubMinibus Disney Newport Bay Club



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Minibus Disney Newport Bay Club



Minibus Disney Newport Bay Club, a private transport service and staff



Welcome to the Hotel Newport Bay Club! One of the seven theme hotels in the Disneyland Park! It will make your romantic and pleasant and relaxed with its marine theme, inspired by Cape Cod. The stylized General enchanting decor "Seaside" will give you the smile and give you a sense of security and comfort.


Enjoy fantastic scenery right out of the universe Disney, perched on the banks of picturesque Lake Disney and featuring a unique design, because in a large mansion inspired by the 20s in New England!


Come to Disneyland discover and rediscover your favorite attraction and your childhood hero.


The Minibus Disney Newport Bay Club get back to your hotel and take you no waiting at Disneyland Paris!


Enjoy a pleasant stay at Disneyland with your family, with your partner Minibus Disney Newport Bay Club!



Enjoy a long stay in Paris Disneyland Resort family with your new partner and private transportation staff: Minibus Disney Newport Bay Club!


Minibus Disney Newport Bay Club has thought about your transport groups and family! Whether for a weekend professional, personal holiday or other event move you aboard one of our  Minibuses Disney Newport Bay Club, equipped to carry up to eight people and luggage and bags fifteen without ever you n 'have any trouble or storage space. Install and enjoy the comfort of one of our many vehicles! Our drivers are impeccable, it takes only a moment to realize on board our minibus. Improve the quality of your stay by not taking the Disney shuttles that are crowded with people in the same hotel as you.