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Minibus Aeroport le Bourget (LBG)


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Trained and experienced driver, comfortable and equipped vehicles


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Minibus Aeroport le Bourget (LBG)


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Minibus Aeroport le Bourget (LBG)



The training received by our drivers allows them to confirm their past experience and so strengthen each point where the capacity was not to their fullest. No more worries of movement while enjoying a pleasant comfort aboard our vehicles. Our drivers know Paris and its suburbs as their pockets, no streets and no shortcut is missing them.


You want additional options? Each of our vehicles is equipped for your needs. So you will find onboard drinks refreshing, confectionery, the ability to connect to your Bluetooth phone to our vehicle to enjoy a superior sound quality to enjoy your music during the drive as well as USB ports to charge your power equipment !



A Minibus Le Bourget Airport (LBG) for group transportation today and for all days of the year 24h / 24? This is possible now with vehicles and minibus drivers Le Bourget Airport (LBG)!


Minibus your book today Aeroport le Bourget (LBG)! It's very simple, just a few minutes and you can do it from anywhere, your PC, smartphone, tablet or any device connected to the internet! 


By clicking the button above, you will be redirected to the page of our new online simulator that will allow you a moment to get your quote with the exact rate of your race. During booking, guests will have the opportunity to choose stops and options to suit your needs!