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Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe

Your Disney hotel never been so easily accessible



Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa FeWaiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe 


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If you are on a PC, you can contact 0184172424 with any questions.


Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe


Do not take the shuttle, take your own private chauffeur service Waiting Panel Disney Sequoia Lodge!



Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe, a hotel to give you warm, even in winter!


Based on the Mexican atmosphere, warm colors and happy that bathes the Disney Hotel Santa Fe Hotel will your heart warmer, winter, summer, family or friends.


Located just 20 minutes from Disneyland park, enjoy a wonderful hotel that will remind you of the desert atmosphere of Disney cartoons from your childhood.





A small summary of the Disneyland Park, the largest theme park in France and also the most famous, and rightly so! 


Disneyland Paris, formerly Euro Disney Resort and Disneyland Resort Paris, is a theme park of French 22,30km² located for the most part on the commune of Chessy, just thirty-two km to the east of Paris.




Do not miss your taxi driver or VTC, it is available 24h / 24!

Your driver Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe does not need to call to order, you get picked up at the exact time requested without delay.

With a sign bearing your name in hand, you can not miss.


I would like to have specific equipment for my transportation, how?


It is extremely simple. A driver Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe can totally amenager your private transport vehicle according to your needs. How to do ? Simply specify your specific request or by contacting us by phone or by specifying it directly online for your booking. Just specify the options you would like to receive before the start of your driver in your direction, and it will do everything possible to make your transportation  Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Waiting Panel Disney Hotel Santa Fe